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10 Finest Marvel Comics Sidekicks & Supporting Characters Nonetheless Lacking From The MCU

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After seven motion pictures, eight TV reveals, and two specials, Section 4 of the MCU has come to a detailed. Whereas it grappled with the multiversal ramifications of the Avengers: Endgame occasion, it additionally pushed the franchise ahead exponentially with a brand new technology of heroes. From the passing of the mantles to the deluge of newcomers, Section 4 noticed many sidekicks stand up the ranks from their relegated roles within the comics. The very best instance of that is Wong, who was revealed to be the brand new Sorcerer Supreme and offered a robust connective tissue throughout many initiatives – therefore the fan-made code title “Section Wong.”

Whereas the MCU has been extremely constant in incorporating sidekicks and distinguished supporting characters early on, many are nonetheless ready for his or her shot on the highlight. Whether or not they’ve been hinted at already or are merely linked to present and upcoming characters, some sidekicks stand the perfect likelihood at becoming a member of the MCU sooner or later.


Rick Jones

Rick Jones sitting in a chair in Marvel Comics

Rick Jones has been the sidekick to many iconic Marvel heroes ever since his debut in 1962. Primarily, he’s related to the Hulk, premiering alongside the inexperienced big in The Unimaginable Hulk #1, however he’s additionally labored with Captain America, and two Captain Marvels – Mar-Vell and Genis-Vell, by means of an attention-grabbing reference to the Nega-Band. Extra importantly, he has been referenced as being a part of the MCU. His title was included within the opening credit score montage of The Unimaginable Hulk, stating that he was a pupil at Culver School the place Bruce taught.

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Frankly, Rick Jones’ absence to this point into the MCU is sort of astounding, given his prominence all through the comics. He does grow to be a gamma mutate just like the Hulk, turning into a blue behemoth named A-Bomb. Whereas a brand new Hulk film appears simply as unlikely as ever (since Common nonetheless holds his cinematic distribution rights for a solo movie), Rick’s choices aren’t restricted. He might simply be integrated as a part of the Hulk or Captain America’s storylines in Captain America: New World Order, a second season of She-Hulk: Legal professional at Regulation, and/or futureAvengers movies.

Gwen Stacy

An image of Gwen Stacy from the comics

Following Spider-Man: No Means Residence, Peter Parker is on their own. He might use an excellent good friend now that everybody’s forgotten who he’s, and with the latest information that Tom Holland’s contract has reportedly been renewed for a brand new trilogy (by way of TheDirect), the chance is ripe to introduce one in all his greatest companions, Gwen Stacy. Followers will do not forget that Emma Stone performed her in Andrew Garfield’s The Wonderful Spider-Man motion pictures, or her superpowered variant from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, voiced by Hawkeye’s Hailee Steinfeld.

The largest restriction for Gwen showing within the MCU is that like Spider-Man, she is a Sony-owned character. Whereas that hasn’t stopped the MCU earlier than when it got here to MJ Watson, Ned Leeds, or Spider-Man’s foes, Gwen Stacy is a singular case. As she turns into a web-slinging crime fighter herself, Sony would possibly wish to maintain her to themselves for their very own Spider-Man universe with the just lately introduced Silk: Spider Society. The identical might be mentioned for Miles Morales.

Nomad (Jack Monroe)

Jack Monroe standing with cards flying in front of him.

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes are Captain America’s most acknowledged sidekicks, although he has many extra within the comics. Considered one of Captain America’s most enduring supporting characters is Nomad. Steve Rogers first used that moniker within the ‘70s when he needed to function as a hero exterior the general public constraints that include the defend. Nevertheless, essentially the most distinguished character to go by Nomad is Jack Monroe.

Jack hung out, serving alongside each Steve Rogers and William Burnside – who posed as Steve and Captain America within the Nineteen Fifties – earlier than successfully hanging out on his personal. Curiously his inclusion within the MCU would fall according to what The Falcon and the Winter Soldier achieved in exploring some components that aren’t usually proven in superhero tales, corresponding to hate crimes and world providers.

Jack Flag

Jack Flag looking behind him in Marvel comics

Now that Sam has taken up the defend as the brand new Captain America, he’ll want his personal. Fortunately, there’s Joaquin Torres, performed by Danny Ramirez in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, as the brand new Falcon in Captain America: New World Order. Nevertheless, had been they so as to add one other, alternatively to the assorted Nomads, there’s additionally Demolition Man, Free Spirit, and Jack Flag to think about. The latter, Flag, presents essentially the most attention-grabbing risk.

He and his brother, Drake, had been Captain America followers, and Jack took it upon himself to thwart a takeover by the Serpent Society, emulating his hero as Jack Flag. He was empowered unexpectedly by the villain, Mister Hyde – Quake’s father in Brokers of SHIELD – granting Jack powers just like Captain America, although to not the identical diploma. Jack additionally ultimately turns into a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, however that risk within the MCU is drying up following Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.

Bob, Agent of HYDRA

Bob, Agent of Hydra and Deadpool in a lineup from Marvel Comics.

Followers are excited for the X-Males to lastly be a part of the MCU, and it looks like Deadpool 3 is at the moment the perfect guess to do the deed. Together with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, maybe Deadpool 3 or a future Deadpool movie will incorporate his best-known companion, Bob, Brokers of HYDRA. In Deadpool, Rob Hayter had a cameo as Bob, an previous good friend of Wade’s through the massive climactic battle. Nevertheless, within the MCU, he can really come into his personal as Deadpool’s bumbling sidekick.

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Bob could be pure comedian aid, and whereas the MCU nor Deadpool isn’t missing that, he’d nonetheless be a enjoyable addition. He’s a commentary and considerably pastiche of the incompetent anonymous brokers of evil organizations, like HYDRA or Star Wars’ Stormtroopers. He’s typically cowardly and avoids a combat, which suggests he’s simply the particular person Deadpool would delight to have by his aspect.


Caretaker from Marvel Comics holding a gun

Ghost Rider is without doubt one of the main supernatural heroes nonetheless lacking from the MCU continuity – although the Spirit of Vengeance did seem in Brokers of SHIELD – and one in all his most attention-grabbing and prolific supporting characters is the Caretaker. Within the comics, there have been two individuals who have taken up that function. The primary continues to be unnamed, however the second is his granddaughter, Sara.

Each are members of the Blood, an historical and secretly magical race of people. They’ve some form of management over the Ghost Rider transformation, with the ability to revert him to his human self. 2007’s Ghost Rider featured Sam Elliot because the Caretaker, merged with Carter Slade, the Wild West character, Phantom Rider. The very best guess, nonetheless, is that the MCU would go along with Sara primarily, although nonetheless showcasing her grandfather as a part of her story.

Jean-Paul “Frenchie” Duchamp

Moon Knight and Frenchie in Marvel comics

An easter egg in Moon Knight referenced one in all Marc Spector’s best allies within the comics, Jean-Paul “Frenchie” Duchamp. His title popped up on Marc’s telephone hidden cleverly between all of Layla’s missed calls. Whereas there’s no information that Moon Knight will return for a second season like Loki, followers are hopeful. On the very least, it will be unusual if Oscar Isaac’s tenure as Moon Knight was a one-and-done gig.

Ought to he return to the bigger MCU, Frenchie ought to come alongside for the trip too. He might be the suave good friend who helps Moon Knight as his “man within the chair” like Alfred for Batman, and may it come to it, he might nonetheless maintain his personal within the combat. Moreover, his inclusion would showcase one other homosexual character, and it might delve into his emotions for Marc.

Hannibal King

Hannibal King panel in Marvel comics looking sinister

Whereas it was pushed again almost a 12 months, Blade starring Mahershala Ali is among the many most highly-anticipated initiatives of Section 5. In addition to Ali because the titular day-walking vampire hunter, there’s been little to no phrase about who else might be showing. A logical inclusion could be his most acknowledged compatriot, Hannibal King – previously performed by Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds in Blade: Trinity.

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Like Blade, King is a vampire remodeled by Deacon Frost and a member of the Midnight Sons. With the tremendous power, agility, and shapeshifting talents that include being a vampire and his abilities as a detective and marksman, King could be a worthwhile ally. Whether or not in Blade or a future sequel, they may additionally introduce fellow vampire hunter and descendent of Dracula, Frank Drake, and the three of them might group up because the Nightstalkers.

Balder The Courageous

Balder the Brave in the winter in Marvel Comics

Whereas Thor: Love and Thunder ended with the opportune “Thor will return” tagline, the heroes’ future appears fairly up within the air nonetheless. Hemsworth appears on his method out, but there are nonetheless some main members of Thor’s household and fellow Asgardians ready to affix the MCU. Amongst them is Thor’s brother, Balder the Courageous – who was reportedly included in an earlier model of Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity as a member of Earth-838’s Illuminati, performed by Daniel Craig.

Balder could be an incredible addition to the MCU as, whereas he’s logically related to Thor and Loki, he might nonetheless strike out on his personal. The grand opening of the multiverse would permit him to be launched, whether or not nonetheless performed by Craig or not, as Thor’s brother from an alternate universe – in order to not conflict with the established lore of Earth-616.

Blindspot (Samuel Chung)

Blindspot holding a stick in Daredevil

With the return of Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio as Daredevil and Kingpin, respectively, from Daredevil, followers are hoping extra characters from the Marvel-Netflix reveals will return, too. Along with them, Daredevil: Born Once more might additionally introduce another essential street-level heroes corresponding to White Tiger and/or Blindspot. The latter is the closest factor Daredevil has to a sidekick and could be a welcome sight as his story unfolds within the MCU.

Sam Chung, aka Blindspot, is an adept and agile fighter due to his upbringing, however he’s made all of the extra harmful as his go well with grants him relative invisibility. Curiously, in Iron Fist of all reveals, a model of Sam Chung was featured, performed by James C. Chen, so they may simply have him reprise the function within the MCU.

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